Election Day Was A Great Day!

On May 31, 2012, in News, by Bill

We had a great day on election day!  We are in a runoff after a close race with the top two candidates.  Given that our opponent is an experienced candidate who has been in numerous prior campaigns and this is our first foray, the results are spectacular!

We could not have done it without you all.  We have been truly blessed to be helped by so many old and now new friends and in so many different ways.  I cannot begin to thank everybody individually.  Please know that everybody’s help is greatly appreciated.

The runoff Election Day is July 31st.  There will be an early voting period from July 23 through July 27.  Turnout for the runoff will be low.  Please think about creative and effective ways that you can bring voters to the polls in late July.

New endorsements are starting to come in.  J. Cullen Aderhold, Esq. and John B. Schorsch, Esq. have joined the Whitehill For Justice Team.  Grassroots Activists Katrina Pierson and Russ Ramsland have also endorsed our campaign. 

I am especially honored to say that my former opponent Jeff Coen supports our campaign. 

Thanks again, Bill


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