Dear Friends and Colleagues, I ran for the 5th Court of Appeals, Place 2 because I felt that a balance of experience was needed on the court as well as a consistently conservative voice to deal with the types of cases that would be coming to the court in the future. The law is constantly changing and it is important to have a justice with unquestioned integrity and an open and inquiring mind, who will rule within the strict confines of the law and the constitution rather than take the politically expedient approach to justice.

In truth the vast majority of decisions made by the Court of Appeals are neither constitutional or ideological, but deal with issues that require a firm grasp of the law as well as a great deal of common sense. I spent more than a year campaigning on this platform and I had a great many occasions to compare the two remaining candidates in the runoff. I strongly believe that Bill Whitehill is the best candidate to fill my requirements for a justice on the court. His many years in private practice and his practical experience in and out of the practice of law speak volumes about his character and conservatism. In this race, Bill is the right person for the job. I wholeheartedly endorse him and recommend him to you for the Court of Appeals, Pl 2. 

Jeffrey V. Coen


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