“Kit, I am writing a note to you which you should feel free to circulate if you want. 

As you know, better than anyone, I have spent a considerable amount of time with Bill over the past 26 plus years.  With few exceptions, Bill has worked on all major cases I have handled.  I cannot begin to adequately express how much his hard work and considerable analytical skills have contributed to a string of very successful projects.  His writing is exact and clear.  His legal analysis is better than any I have seen.  His dedication to getting it right is, however, his greatest strength.  Countless times I have called on a Sunday afternoon or late at night only to find him looking at one more case or analyzing one more approach to try to improve something that was already far better than anyone else I know could have produced.  His work ethic, combined with his sharp mind is a combination that I believe is unmatched by any lawyer I have seen in the 40 years I have been practicing.

 Bill is unique and will be a wonderful judge.”

 Joe Harrison


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